Yeah, I really have way too much time on my hands, don't I?



Why do I have this site?

Because I really want a little spot where I can vent about just about anything I want. Well, I also run a DNS server here as well, so I have to have a place holder and what the heck? I might as well just put up some stuff about what's on my mine.

Links on the side

Those are sites that I run or am affiliated with. Skateland is my main business, Spinning Wheels is another family business. Mystros Entertainment is my cousins DJ service (located in SE Michigan/Detroit area - if you need a DJ, he's pretty good...) YourHomeAndBath and PumpedWithPeptides belong to the love of my life, Jennifer. My girl, my love, my muse. :)

The Blog

Be careful going in there, it may occasionally wind up relatively NSFW. Not because I'm weird, but sometimes I just run into stuff which is just too good not to repost. Some of it may be adult material or oriented, so just be on notice (and go in when the boss isn't around).